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"If you like guitars, you're going to love this book ... one of the best guitar books I've seen."

Steve Miller

The Steve Miller Band

"This is a beautiful book ... You don't have to know music to appreciate this terrific book."

Dan Rather

Anchor and Managing Editor, Dan Rather Reports

"This is a beautiful book—beautiful for its photographs, the words that take us on a magical journey, and the deep emotions it evokes. Like a good guitar in the hands of a talented guitarist, this book creates tunes and melodies for the mind. It plucks our heartstrings and revives memories of our life and times. You don't have to know music to appreciate this terrific book, with a well- told story the bonus to its colorful photographs."

Dan Rather

Anchor and Managing Editor, Dan Rather Reports

"If you like guitars, you're going to love this book! Stephen Arnold's guitar collection shines through Chris Fritchie's beautiful photography in A Story of Six Strings. The combination of cool guitars, brilliant photography, and funny stories makes this one of the best guitar books I've seen. And Stephen, to answer your question, 'Who really has their first guitar?' I do. Cheers!"

Steve Miller

The Steve Miller Band

"This book took me way back. I grew up playing in garage bands and was familiar with, but had forgotten about, some of the great old guitars in this terrific book. It was fun to see them again in wonderful settings, captured by amazing photography. I sure hope they didn't leave that Olson out in the snow too long!"

Jim Olson

Luthier, James A. Olson Guitars

"This is a memorable anthology that spans decade after decade of personal and professional experiences. Pairing each instrument with an appropriate landscape to help paint a visual picture and tell a compelling story helps bring the guitars to life. Terrific photographs—truly an enjoyable series of shots."

David Woo

Photojournalist, Dallas Morning News, Two-Time Pulitzer Prize Finalist

"In fifth grade, Stephen was the hottest, hippest lead guitarist at Armstrong Elementary in Dallas, Texas. He played the meanest version of 'Johnny Be Goode' and "Wipe Out' we had ever heard. As for the book, the guitars and other vintage instruments, photographed so creatively, are beautiful works of art...even when quiet."

Trammell S. Crow

"The same artistry and innovation that Stephen brings to creating musical signatures for our television stations can be found in A Story of Six Strings. This entertaining book is distinctive...a longstanding trademark of Stephen Arnold Music."

Perry A. Sook

Chairman/CEO/President, Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.

"I remember the first time Stephen came to Atlanta as we were about to rebrand the Weather Channel. He played four simple notes that would become our new musical logo—our sonic brand. Simplicity can be incredibly powerful. Reading A Story of Six Strings, with all the wonderful photos and stories behind the guitars, provided inspiration and insight into the gifted artist I feel fortunate to have known and worked with."

Rick Booth

Former Vice President/Creative Director, The Weather Channel

"When he was getting started, Stephen used to come to me with a beat-up guitar, strum a few chords, play a melody, and say, 'I need you to make that work with twelve violins, four violas, a couple of cellos, three trumpets, three trombones, and a pair of French horns. Do you know a harpist? And by the way, the session is tomorrow.' Those were the days. What a treat it is to create complex orchestrations from simple melodies created on a guitar and to see those instruments brilliantly photographed.

Paris Rutherford

Regents Professor Emeritus, Jazz Studies, The University of North Texas

"Stephen and I wrote our first gig together back in 1988 for the New Orleans Saints and have teamed up writing music ever since. We have lugged our guitars from Nashville to Dallas, Austin to Los Angeles, back to New Orleans, and even to Cannes, France. Seeing these guitars shot so beautifully across the US, all in one book, makes it truly a story of six strings."

Greg Barnhill

Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter